Radio Waves rental division specialise in the rapid turnaround of nationwide orders for Motorola two-way radio. With one of the largest rental fleets in New Zealand we are able to cater for any size event, long or short term. Whatever your requirement, we can offer UHF/VHF, analogue/digital

FREE optional accessories with each two-way radio rental:

  • Choice of earpiece
  • Spare batteries
  • Belt clips
  • Single or Six-bay multi chargers

    Available Accessories:

  • G-Hook Earpiece with inline PTT
  • D-Shell Earpiece with inline PTT
  • Acoustic Tube (Surveillance Earpiece) with inline PTTmic
  • Remote Speaker Microphones (hand-held mic)

    Available On Request (subject to availability):

  • Heavy Duty Headsets
  • Lightweight Headsets
  • Throat Microphones
  • Aqua Splash Bags
  • FREE programming of existing frequencies
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    G-Hook Earpiece

    D-Shell Earpiece

    Surveillance Earpiece

    Remote Speaker Mic

    Heavy Duty Headset

    Motorola GP328

    Motorola DP4400

    Motorola GM338LS

    Motorola DM4400